ESG, Impact, and Financial Inclusion

Start off 2022 with Impact and Inclusion!!!

Global socially responsible investments grew by 34 percent to $30.7 trillion over the past two years.

Are you interested to learn the latest industry trends, explore new ideas, and network on the vital role that traditional capital markets, government, and the private sector can partner together in tackling the region’s and even world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges? 

Topics of interest we expect to cover as a group might include, but not limited to:

  • How best to leverage or blend pubic grants and private sources of capital within local communities to empower entrepreneurs through acceleration hubs, mentorship, and inclusive capital investments.
  • Shape keynote events, matchmaking style forums, and host roundtables with speakers and through global club networks.
  • Soundboard game changing ideas to strengthen the use of fintech, medtech, and edtech to reduce educational & health disparities locally or abroad.
  • Explore new public and private blended and venture backed financing models focusing on diversity, equity, and the underserved.

Please sign-up and lets explore what is possible together as we kick off the New Year…

All Wharton alumni and current students (grad and undergrad) from the nationals capital region are strongly encouraged to join and welcome!

Please email your interest or questions to; Dr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Blander WCNCR board member directly at [email protected] by Tuesday January 11th if interested to join and help build from the ground up…