Closing the Loop: Perspectives on the Circular Economy in Philadelphia

Date and Time
Monday, April 18, 2022
12:00pm— 1:30pm
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Washington, DC
United States
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The average American produces 4.9 pounds of trash per day. Of this, nearly 2.5 pounds will end up in landfills. In Philadelphia, over 75% of residential waste goes to landfills. Our economy has been designed to be linear: we extract, make, use, and discard. This linear economy has been generating growing environmental harm. 

In Philadelphia, the goal of building a circular economy, where waste is reduced or eliminated by reusing or repurposing projects, is gaining steam. At the forefront are several local startups and organizations. Varying in scope, business model, and target market, these organizations are working towards the shared goal of decreasing the amount of waste lost to landfills in the Philadelphia area. During this panel, we will hear from the entrepreneurs behind these new circular economy models. The discussion will focus on how to create a circular economy, the role of the individual in making “circular” choices, and the factors that are driving and holding back its development at the local level. 

Speakers include: 

  • David Bloovman – Owner, Circle Compost
  • Matt Siegfried – Founder, Rabbit Recycling
  • Jessica Casale – Local Marketing Manager, The Rounds 

Moderated by Brian Berkey – Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics at The Wharton School 

This event is hosted by the Wharton Risk Center as part of Earth Week at Penn. 

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