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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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Washington, DC
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Hiranya Fernando

Mindfulness + Meditation To Help You During the Holidays (and a Pandemic)

This is a topic that has been requested many times with respect to the current situation we find ourselves in: a pandemic, health concerns, working from home, and job worries. Add to that the isolation, especially at this time of the year, the holidays, where many of us away from loved ones for the first time (or conversely with family that's driving us crazy!).

Our guest speaker, meditation practitioner John Zittrauer, is by day a hospitality industry professional in the Washington, DC area, who for years faced what seemed like insurmountable work-related stress (and tried so many "solutions") before realizing the one thing helping him was his mindfulness training and daily meditation practice. John went on to develop the practice to help others and has now led several group meditation and mindfulness retreats. His focus is on techniques to re-center and calm the mind in daily settings like the office or family gatherings.

We will start with a few different mindfulness breathing exercises, followed by an 18-minute guided meditation, and then a short Q&A and discussion.

This session is not meant to be an intellectual exercise. It's meant to help you rest your mind, give it a break, find a moment's peace! Please feel free to sit on a chair or yoga mat, dim the lighting, do whatever you need to be as comfortable as possible.

PS: If you're interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation (heads-up: they are NOT the same!) and the core teachings that underpin these practices to actually make them work, then check out this talk.


Event Host: Wharton Club of National Capital Region
 Wednesday, December 30
Time: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT
Location: Virtual 
Cost: Free – RSVP required


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