Laura Sanint, W'09


Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience
Language Skills: Native in Spanish and Fluent in English and conversational in French and Portuguese

Board Experience: Active Board Member for:
Active Advisory Board Member for the Steers Center for Global Real Estate (Real Estate MBA Program at Georgetown University) Home - Steers Global Real EstateActive Board Member and Active Member of the Auditing Committee for Finesa S.A. (Auto Finance Company, Colombia) Finesa | Financiación especializada
Founder, Active President and Board Member for Baby Bear Foundation (Nonprofit Corporation to support Bereavement Care Services)
Former President and Board Member for UPenn/Wharton Club of Colombia (2009-2011)
Former President for Wharton Latino (2007-2009)

1 - Event Planning: As President for UPenn/Wharton Club of Colombia as an alumni and as President for Wharton Latino while I was still a Student at UPenn, I organized multiple events including panels, speakers, happy hours, fundraisers, dinners, career fairs, parties, etc. Also, as Associate to the Director of the Colombian Presidential Agency for Reintegration, in the President’s Office, Republic of Colombia, I coordinated events, meetings, and strategies to engage Colombia's private sector in the peace building process. (2013-2014)

2 - Board Development: As member of multiple boards, I’m experienced with board’s best practices, including recruitment, agenda, minutes, diversity, etc.

3 - Public Speaking: worked as Chief of Staff to the Senior Economic Presidential Advisor in the President’s Office, Republic of Colombia, where I led various meetings with Diplomats, Ministers, Congressmen, Businessmen, and Guild Leaders, acting as the link between the public and the private sector. (2011-2013)

Born and raised in Colombia, South America, I’m a Latina. Furthermore, I work at my family’s real estate private equity firm, Acento Real Estate Partners, which focus is to invest in workforce Multifamily assets located in Hispanic neighborhoods in the USA. I’m also currently starting a new company with focus to provide auto financing options to the Hispanic community in the DMV area. Throughout the years I’ve developed strong connections with organizations representing the local Hispanic community and immigrant community such as Catholic Charities, Ayuda, the Latino Economic Development Center, amongst others.

Build the Wharton brand awareness and recognition in the DMV and in particular amongst the Latino community including multilateral organizations such as the IDB, the World Bank, the IMF, and the diplomatic community.
Help organize networking events to bring the alumni community closer and build long lasting synergies and cross-sell business opportunities.
Organize Real Estate Events between the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center and the Steers Center for Global Real Estate in Washington DC to bring industry leaders together and share intel.