Hiranya (Hira) Fernando WG'04

I have 16+ years of industry experience and have worked for Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, the World Bank, the World Resources Institute, AMR Research, and Gartner. Details here but in a nutshell, experience in these verticals: banking & finance, international development, clean energy/ cleantech, sustainability / CSR, tech research, and talent management.

In 2013 I came up with a plan... to put to better use all these different career experiences, and not just in these jobs themselves but also in making​ the switches. I had developed an uncanny ability to recruit successfully, do exceptionally well at interviews.... So why not combine these skills to help other people get the jobs they want and/or execute their next big career move?

And so, here we are! 5+ years on Careerlyis doing just fine. But, really, what this is all about is doing something that matters to me. Time is the only real capital we have on earth, and I would like the remaining decades I have on this planet to count. To ​really​ count. What I love more than anything else is to help people get what they want from their work life, whether that is in their current careers or in pursuing a new path. This fills my life with meaning, purpose, agency, and gratitude. Read more from me on the Wharton Blog Network, Business Insider, Fast Company,and Idealist.

Type of mentorship offered:​ ​Career and job search. This includescareer strategy to networkingto applying ​to interview prep​ to offer n​egotiation, as well as employer sponsorship and work authorization.

Industry coverage:banking & finance, consulting, project finance, international development, clean energy / clean tech, sustainability / CSR, tech research, entrepreneurship, and talent management.

Scheduling & Logistics: I am available for a one-hour in-person meeting to get started and thereafter for 30-minute calls on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on your needs and my schedule. You may reach out to me ​here​.