Thinking About Buying an Electric Vehicle?...The EV Revolution: What We Are Doing in New Jersey

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022
6:30pm— 8:00pm
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Washington, DC
United States
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A Presentation and Fireside Chat with Peg Hanna, Assistant Director at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in Charge of Electrifying the Transportation Sector

Peg Hanna, Assistant Director of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, in Charge of New Jersey’s Electrification Initiatives

We have all heard a lot about the rapid electrification of transportation in the US and the infrastructure to support it.

However, how many of us really know what incentives are now out and emerging from the State of New Jersey, to get all of us into electric vehicles?

My guess is not too many, but we want to remedy this soon, as we will have a presentation and “Fireside Chat” with Peg Hanna, Assistant Director of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the person in charge of New Jersey’s efforts to electrify transportation in the State of New Jersey.

Peg Hanna’s goal is no less than to create a zero-carbon footprint for New Jersey through a unique combination of collaboration, science, policy and incentives… she will tell you exactly what financial and structural incentives are out there now (or in the near future) to motivate you to look for a new EV in the great variety of new EV vehicles coming soon from car manufacturers.

Join us for enlightening Fireside Chat with Peg Hanna, to learn how New Jersey is leading the way for an EV future

Topics we will cover –
  • What are the goals of all the incentives and support available in NJ to electrify transportation?
  • What EV vehicle purchase incentives are available right now?
  • How is EV charging infrastructure growth being fostered through state public and private incentives?
  • What other resources, besides financial incentives, are being pursued by NJ to lead the path to a zero-carbon footprint for individual transportation?
  • What public transportation initiatives are in force or envisioned by NJ for the zero-carbon footprint objective
  • What does the future of transportation look like in NJ, what is coming “down the road”?
++ Audience questions will be encouraged

Hosted By:
Wharton Club of New Jersey 
When: Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 6:30 pm ET
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