Doug Howard, W'87


Special Skills
· Strategic planning for organizations
· Public speaking and writing
· Curriculum and program planning
· Leadership and team development
· Storytelling to inspire organizations, align teams and convey concepts
· Love of history, reading and visiting historic sites

· Since graduating in 1987, I have served in a number of leadership positions in business, government and non-profits. In almost every position, I have had the responsibility for strategic planning, budgeting, hiring, leadership development, and operational performance.
· Business owner: 1987 to present
· Government elected official: 2010-2018
· Non-Profit Boards and Executive Director: 2003-2010

Prior Board Experience
· Board of Directors on many business associations and chambers of commerce in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Virginia and other states
· Board member, several non-profit organizations including several years on Board of Social Services and Change, Inc.
· President, Carroll County (MD) Board of Commissioners

In terms of diversity, I believe I bring to the club a career and a history of working with people from a broad range of backgrounds, ethnicity, beliefs and orientations. As a business owner having worked with thousands of small businesses, I have had success connecting and working with a very diverse community. As an elected county official for eight years, I earned a reputation for bringing people with very different views and perspectives together to achieve positive outcomes. And, as a father of six children with very broad interests and perspectives, I have done this as well.

Both the Wharton community and the Washington DC area offer unique and exciting possibilities that can serve as the foundation for great programs, great venues and great relationships that can foster both the experiences, contacts and real-world impact that so many of us seek. Some activities would be value-added programs for being a member. Others could generate revenue for the club that would support other efforts and club objectives. These are just a few areas with which I have experience that we could bring to the club for consideration:

· Virtual business-to-business lead generating groups
· Functional peer groups (live) for people in similar functions across different industries
· Strategic planning retreat, event for member companies
· Community focus programs that use social media and an annual awards event to recognize member contributions to their community

These are just a few. There are many others that could be considered.