New Climate Restoration Affinity Group

The Climate Restoration Affinity Group promotes education and advocacy to combat global warming and climate change. The presence of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere is very high from the reckless use of fossil fuel for the last 200 years and making the planet dangerously hot. Our mission is to restore climate, that is removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and make it safe and healthy for future generations through private-public ventures. We welcome those interested in climate change to join
our group.

We will partner with Healthy Climate Initiative, an NGO co-founded and run by a Wharton alumnus, and other organizations with a similar vision to contribute in the global effort for climate restoration, and the survival and flourishing of humanity.

Our activities will include:

  • Organize events
  • Explore/promote new market opportunities for climate restoration
  • Explore/promote public policies favorable to climate restoration
  • Engage Wharton alums and professors
  • Create Internship opportunities for Wharton/UPENN students

For more information, please contact
Soumitra Das, WG03, or call at (224) 532-7849