Connected Strategy in the age of COVID-19 Prof. Nicolaj Siggelkow (Livecast from Wharton)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020
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Washington, DC
United States
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Actionable Insights to Prepare for What's Next

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the order of business. From marketing to sales, manufacturing to research development, the ground has been shaken. The Wharton Ready Livecast Series, fueled by the stellar, groundbreaking thought leadership of the world-renowned Wharton faculty, is a twice weekly series of stimulating conversations brought to you by Wharton Executive Education.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Wharton brings you live and timely updates on how to recalibrate and reorient your business for a new post-COVID-19 reality. Join us to be Wharton ready for what comes next.

David M. Knott Professor; Professor of Management; Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management

Tuesday, June 9 | 10–10:30 a.m. EDT

Although the pandemic is causing major challenges for companies, the strategic issues you faced four months ago have not disappeared. The strategies you use to approach the recovery will either provide big opportunities to create profitable new relationships, or big challenges for your company if you get it wrong.

In this livecast, Professor Siggelkow will discuss how to:

  • Redesign relationships with customers, suppliers and partners to capture the most value
  • Map your customer journey to maximize customer loyalty while eliminating pain points
  • Enhance a connected strategy within your organization to boost productivity and efficiency

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