Narges Zamani

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I would like to continue to build a stronger alumni networks providing a platform where local and regional alumni can connect socially, professionally and help mentor those that are either changing careers, looking to enhance their roles or seeking advice. The motto of let Wharton alumni be your first call needs to be further strengthened. We have just tapped into the first later of alumni membership, the goal for the second year is to double membership and event attendance.


I am a multicultural female from the class of 1997

Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

I was involved in the launching of the Club since 2018 and helped launch the club in 2019 as a Board Member. Very exciting to be part of a team that set up the basic foundations, governance and protocol for the Wharton Club NCR. I believe that my familiarity with the complexities of starting a new club and enthusiasm to make sure it is stabilized is beneficial as we enter the second term.