Career Mentor Initiative - Portfolio Sites and the Project/Core Skills Document

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021
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Washington, DC
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Hiranya Fernando

The Career Mentor Initiative is back this Wednesday with it's latest installment! 

In this ever-changing environment, we need to re-imagine how we present our professional value to the world. A Portfolio Site or Project Document is a tool that has proved to be extremely successful. 

The concept of a Portfolio has long been familiar to architects, designers, photographers, and brand managers. In recent years it's been adapted to effectively showcase any area of expertise, core competencies, and impact.  It's modern, visually compelling, and can be presented as a PDF, landing page, website, or physical dossier. 
Join us on June 30th and learn:
How to get started
A portfolio document is a visual tool; therefore it is heavily dependent on good design. The message is the medium... the way your material is presented (thematic style elements, color scheme, layout, and fontssets a tone and conveys a heap of information about you. We'll look at a number of tools you can use: e.g. Canva, Google Templates, Weebly Sites, and About Me landing pages. 
What needs to be included
Overall themes and then granular data at the project level, work samples, quantified results, and core competencies. These documents and sites must be highly specialized, carefully designed, and the content strategically finessed to meet the individual's objectives. A glorified resume site (alas, too common) is pointless. There is nothing worse than something that looks good but which upon 10 seconds of reading is the same old same old.
The effort of producing one - is it worth it? 
Absolutely. When done well it's undeniably impressiveHowever, it is quite an undertaking and you'll likely need to work with a professional. The person you chose must have a talent for design and possess the analytical prowess and copywriting skills to leverage your content to maximum effect. Traditional jobs are being restructured into tasks, projects, and deliverables. The portfolio or project document is an extremely effective way to address this shift.  And while all your collateral should demonstrate the value you have consistently brought to employers and clients alike, this highlights your larger contributions to your field of expertise or industry, community, and professional network.


Event Host: Wharton Club of National Capital Region
 Wednesday, June 30
Time: 12:00 AM-1:00 PM EDT
Location: Virtual 
Cost: Members: Free
Non-Members: $8

The Career Mentor Initiative (CMI) is a flagship product of the Wharton Club of Capital Region. Sign-up for more from CMI's pathways to support, including mentorship, access to materials post-session, or if you'd like to volunteer as a mentor/ help out with the initiative.



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