Mckenzie Harper

LinkedIn Profile


Quick Wins
Social Media: Build series of posts for the LinkedIn group to 1) have members introduce themselves with short bios, 2) promote events, &3) help members to connect and share ideas.
Speakers: Leverage LinkedIn to see who current club members are connected with and proactively propose speakers and ask for introductions.

Ideation: Connect with other Penn &; Wharton Clubs to see their calendars and share ideas.
Longer Term Vision Undergraduate Membership: Revisit undergraduate membership initiative and build complete plan, with specific goals, to drive membership and engagement in 2020.
Connections: Introduce professionals in industries with less representation in DC vs. other big cities: Tech, Fashion, Music, etc. to bolster the community with events and alumni matching.
Outbound Marketing: Leverage B2B and account-based marketing experience to draft letters to win partnerships for events with interesting organizations (e.g., Wolf Trap, NPR, etc.).
The School: Work with existing and new Wharton leadership to understand how we can help the school – conduct school interviews, mentor future Wharton students, bring more Wharton students to summer internships in DC, etc.’


Represent the Wharton Undergraduate Population, Graduated in 2012, Female.

Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

I have summarized my skills and qualifications below and am pleased to apply for this role. Many thanks for your time and consideration – it’s been nice to meet many of you already!

Marketing, Strategy, Tech: Many years of experience at Mastercard and elsewhere. Offer storytelling, social, tech, vision, and strategy
Events: Led Mastercard Analytics Summit (500+ attendees, $1MM budget, high profile keynotes) and many smaller events.
Community: Born and raised in the National Capital Region. Lived in the area for 25 years. Know and understand the community. Bring continuity to the club.

Boards: Board Member of The 238 Society, Adam Grant’s alumni organization.
Leadership: Drove WCNCR undergraduate membership. Former VP for The Wharton Retail Club.
Experience: On the leadership team at Diligent, a pioneer in Modern Governance. Bring insight about the best boards in the world and connections to corporate professionals – a category that hasn’t been reinvented in 150 years.
Perspective: Represent the club’s growing Wharton undergraduate population. Regularly attend Wharton events in New York. Connected with Wharton Boards.