Denise Aranoff

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WCNCR was founded to leverage the great connection that all Wharton alumni and students have. I am excited to see how we can use our proximity to Philadelphia to have more events and interaction with Wharton faculty and innovation leaders. And, of course, to start and evolve more affinity groups. I am hoping to relaunch the Womens Interest Group (WIG) and the non-profit roundtable in 2020.


As the “#metoo" movement has expanded in the last year, I’ve been disappointed that women are still not as well represented or respected in many organizations, something I have experienced firsthand. I’m excited to see WCNCR and Wharton alumni in general can lead the charge for better representation for women in business.

Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

I am excited to have helped launch WCNCR in 2019, and I look forward to seeing us continue to build on our successes in the coming year. In addition to volunteering for the WCNCR Board, I am the events leader for a local Scouts troop and an officer of the Cornell Alumni Officers Association. I have been lucky to use my Wharton MBA to run marketing, sales, and communication teams in the financial services industry and for many non-profits. I’ve learned a lot about creating value for members through content and programming.