Adam Sommers

Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

Over 20 years experience working with C-level leadership and board members to develop and implement strategic initiatives. Currently leading the Federal Value & Transformation group at Alphabet/Google where I work with Federal leadership and stakeholders to modernize how their organizations deliver on the mission.

Skills and Quals Highlights:

  • Creative thinker with Strong organizational, facilitation, public speaking, and analytical skills
  • Co-led the Tech Exec Affinity Committee for the WCNCR over the last 3 years where I helped deliver numerous successful guest speaker talks with strong alumni attendance; also served as a guest speaker for WCNCR Tech Affinity events
  • Participated in numerous WCNCR Board meetings to provide ideas and feedback for improvement
  • Involved in local community events in Northern VA such as STEM support and running/Tri race organizations


Broad network inclusive of many ethenic and organizational affiliations


The potential for the WCNCR is enormous – our unique location, growing alumni base, and desire for people to get back to in-person events post-pandemic is a great setting for a thriving club. I would like to help the club develop and amplify its unique brand with clearly defined value propositions that drive engagement. This includes growing our base, boosting awareness, collaboration with other regions, and exploring ways to co-develop events with external entities where it makes sense. The WCNCR should be a fun, dynamic, and welcoming destination that all of our Alumni can be proud of and want to support.