Raphael Eskinazi

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Our second year will be critical to maintain and expand membership. It will be important to build on the achievements of the first year in all areas. We should continue to offer increasingly interesting events to maximize participation, reach out to members to have members renew and expand our membership base, improve our communication strategy, develop interest groups;


I am a strong proponent of diversity on board & diversity in all aspects mentioned above is absolutely key in order to attract a diversity of ideas, and in making the Wharton Club of the National Capital Region inclusive of everyone in our community. Everyone brings a diversity element; as far as I am concerned it has to do with various elements including being a foreign born alumni.

Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

Current board member, VP of marketing and communication. I would be interested in staying for an extra year on the Board.. My expertise is in finance and strategy. I would be interested in either staying in my role of marketing & communication, or taking a new role to be discussed.