Jeffrey M. Blander

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I would be delighted to serve on the board for the WCNCR. It is my firm belief that the most valuable asset of this esteemed alumni community is our ability to coordinate, network, learn from one another, and innovate to make an impact locally and globally. As a community we are at a unique infection point to be advocates and leaders that build upon the traditional core professional strengths of the Wharton Alumni base inclusive of business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and venture capitalists. Furthermore, importantly taking up the recent call to action by CEO's and The Business Roundtable to strengthen the role of the corporation to better support the communities they serve. This becomes even more imperative in the near term to address the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities to develop transformative innovations and partnerships.

Embracing these traditions and emerging trends within its program planning will further set our regional club from the rest of the pack. Furthermore, capture the growing interest, passion, and imagination of young alumni and future graduates. The specific areas of focus that I would look to take a lead on include:

• Event planning on topics inclusive of; Careers in public service, impact investing and crowd source funding, the future of international development & corporate volunteerism, medical technology innovation, leading edge market research frontiers for ESG securities, and sustainable public private partnerships.
• Public service projects and volunteerism: Arrange and organize seasonal opportunities to donate time and/or contributions to special projects or mentor local students. Furthermore, host a Q&A for alumni with college age family members interested in volunteer projects abroad.
• Explore & create awareness of the available on-line learning and career development: Explore and brainstorm with local alumni the opportunities and possibilities that further leverage the exploding online educational resources available through UPENN/Wharton inclusive of free courses, accredited certificates, and other learning opportunities.

Degree: w93, BSc Economics
Concentration: International Management, Healthcare Management, and Marketing


Special Skills, Qualifications, & Previous Board Experience

I have the sincere privilege of working very closely with many Wharton Students, Alumni, and friends over the past 30 years. This has been in the context of several roles including student, ‘superhero’ alumni interviewer, Vice-Chair Community Service - PENN Board Class of ’93, C-Suite executive, academic advisor, foundation president, and most recently public servant. These experiences include;

• Serving as a board member for the Wharton Club of New York In the early 90s. Focusing on community service, young alumni recruitment, and event planning.
• Hosting at the US Embassy in Tanzania in the early 2000’s the first ever MBA information/recruiting session in Dar es Salaam.
• Personally, mentoring dozens of MBA’s/Undergrads on volunteer summer internships in Sub-Saharan Africa,
• Starting a US 501 (c)(3) foundation with seed capital support from a Wharton Alumnus. The mission is to advance public-private-partnerships to improve access to medical services in underserved communities, and
• Working in my current role as Chief Innovation Officer at our U.S. State Department with business leaders (including fellow Wharton Alum) to expand access to health care through shared value collaborations and innovations to end the HIV/AIDS by 2030 in over 27 countries and regions globally.

These activities and many others have been seen as extremely meaningful for the students, businesses, and local communities served, by impacting millions of lives. I would apply all these lessons and experiences to help continue to build our regional club’s network and brand to sponsor programs for public service, global development, blended finance, medical technology, and health care. With special emphasis in the near term on opportunities for collaborations to strengthen pandemic preparedness and response.


I am a devoted #girldad and annually participate in the #Kennedy50 walk, leading long distance team training walks for local/regional residents throughout the year along the C&O canal.