Goldie Shturman

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My vision of the WCNCR is to meet the needs of the alumni living permanently or temporarily in the region, and to create a deep and cohesive network. The network I envision is not only professional, but also personal with the idea of building new friendships and starting new ones. Ideas to further engage Wharton Alumni in the Region (in addition to what the Club already does): Small group meetings by industry and/or topics of interest. Specific regional job board for Wharton grads and undergrads. Coordination of volunteer opportunities based on interest and industry expertise and coordination with local organizations – for example, financial education for Junior Achievement Program in Middle Schools and High Schools. College or MBA application support for family members of Wharton Graduates interested in applying to Wharton. Guided tours of DC area attractions (cultural, political, business). “On-boarding” help for people moving to the region (areas to live, schools, etc.) This is especially helpful for people that have not lived in the US prior to going to Wharton. Quarterly email including new members that have joined and living area so they can connect with other alumni.


I attended Wharton (WG’09) as a mother of two beautiful kids. My son was 18 months old and my daughter was 7 weeks old in August 2007. I received a lot of compliments and questions on how I was able to do it. It was a different and great experience. I am Mexican and Jewish, which a lot of people find rare and interesting. I have lived in Mexico, Israel and the US (since 2003). I attended college in Mexico, followed by a Masters Degree in Political Science in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and finally Wharton. I love the DC area mainly for its diversity. I recently attended a meeting in my kids’ school, where I learned that there are 53 different nationalities in the school. That is absolutely amazing and hard to find anywhere else!

Special Skills, Qualifications & Previous Board Experience

Areas of expertise beneficial to acquired from employment include: Development of the Latin American (LA) PE industry | Fund of Funds Portfolio Management | Deal Sourcing | Due Diligence | Post-Merger Integration | Fundraising | Active participant in Advisory Boards and Investment Committees | Leader of Multidisciplinary Teams | Implementation of Corporate Governance and Technical Assistance programs | Investor Relations | Political Strategy | Corporate Communications The latter allowed me to become an effective communicator, negotiator & relationship manager, involving competing priorities including shareholders, Board of Advisors, public officials and management. Expertise acquired from other activities: Highly adaptable and multicultural | Youth Leadership (LA, Russia, Turkey, Israel) Teamwork, Community work: Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind; Treasurer PTA, MSME, Mentorship, Judge in PE and Social Impact Competitions, Event planning. Events included: Meeting for 80+ fund managers. Speakers included: Josh Lerner HBS, and Uri Levine (Waze founder). Topics: LP/GP relations; best practices; lessons learned. Conference on The US Hispanic Opportunity. Speakers included Univision and Banco Popular. Topics: High-growth sectors, opportunities, and sources of capital for investors.