Spring 2020 Board Elections

Spring Board Elections Announcement!!! 

Our new Club has had an enthusiastic response from our Wharton community over the past year. Thank you for being a part of it!

We promised transparency and partnership with the Wharton School. One of the key components of that is holding annual elections for new board members. It is time to initiate our first formal board election in which up to six seats will be filled.

We will have another informational conference call for all interested parties that could not attend last week.  Please keep an eye for new date and time.

We hope that the role of guiding our new club appeals to many of you. To qualify for board nomination, you must be a member of the Wharton Club of the National Capital Region in good standing; defined for this Spring 2020 election as having been a member since at least September 1, 2019 and have attended at least 2 Club events.

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If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please email Nominating Committee member Kevin Dowdell. We invite everyone with any interest at all to reach out and explore the opportunity.

Nominating Committee

Kevin Dowdell, WG'85

Vipul Bhagat, WG'88

Joan Larrea, C'85 G'92 WG'92